There’s something about camping out that gets us in the mood for a little goosebump action. Of course, you want to avoid movies that are really scary for children , but a healthy measure of spooky is something most kids will enjoy. If you’re gearing up for an epic indoor camping trip  with your kids, check out these age-appropriate scary movies that’ll set the tone without scaring their socks off. (We think these movies could pass for kids ages 11 or 12 and up, but please: Parent discretion advised! You know your kids best!)

Not-too-scary scary movie #1: Goosebumps

Who doesn’t love reading the spooky volumes of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series? In this modern day rendition of a classic series, teens need to come to the rescue and save the world from the demons that were accidentally let loose from these famous tales.

Not-too-scary scary movie #2: Ernest Scared Stupid

Here’s a fun and silly way to enjoy a scary film. Anything with Ernest Worrell is going to have its zany humor and slapstick comedy that kids love. But when a troll is released on the world that threatens to turn little children into dolls, things start to get hairy!

Not-too-scary scary movie #3: Watcher in the Woods

This is an old, classic scary movie that has lost some of its edge with time. With technological advancements in filmmaking, you can’t get the same fear factor out of the old school movies as they did back then. But Watcher in the Woods has enough suspense and action to keep it frightening till today.

Not-too-scary scary movie #4: Monster House

Not just your typical haunted house at the end of the block, a group of teens find out to their dismay that their neighbor’s house is actually a living monster! Monster House is a fun and fanciful twist on the standard theme, with just enough humor, action, and thrill to keep things interesting.

Not-too-scary scary movie #5: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, Coraline

Or anything else by Tim Burton that’s kid-friendly (he’s got some more macabre stuff we wouldn’t recommend for children). These stop-motion animated films have a dark undertone, but there’s nothing disturbing about them. In fact, several of the characters are endearing and the storylines are usually pretty sweet too.

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