One of the most important things to get right during an indoor camping trip is the activities portion of the evening. Organized properly, and you have a house full of happy, satisfied campers. Planned wrong, and…well…let’s not go there! Here are a few great games that you can play to keep those campers smiling all night long.

Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets are goofy and fun ways to entertain kids and keep them busy indoors. You can try simple shadow puppets like a bunny rabbit, fox, or dog. You can also advance to more sophisticated shadow puppets like the ones shown above that will really impress your kids. Play games with the kids using your shadow puppets for even more fun, and add props for added effect!


Check out these great sing-along songs  you can sing together with the kids!

Glow in the Dark Games

Since the sun’s gone down and we’re trying to make the nighttime come alive, anything glow in the dark is loads of fun. You can play glow in the dark ring toss, create glow in the dark paint to do projects with, or decorate the ceiling with glow in the dark stores to further create a camping out vibe,


Of course, no camping experience would be complete without a few well-told stories around the campfire. If you want to build a great fireless campfire , check out our tips here. And here are a few scary stories  to get you started. Want something sillier instead of ghost stories? Read up on our silly campfire stories kids will love !

Really get kids involved in the storytelling aspect by inviting everyone into the tent to create a closer, more confidential circle. Be sure to speak in low tones (until you get to the exciting part!), and use flashlights to add emphasis. Here are some more tips on getting kids involved in storytelling .


Twisting, maneuvering, and collapsing into a heap are fun and silly ways to make the evening pass in a flash. Kids love this zany game that gets everyone tied up in a pretzel, and it takes minimal preparation.

These are just five great ways to keep campers having fun. Check out other great ideas throughout our blog!