Indoor camping is a great way to enjoy the fun and excitement of a camp out without having to leave your house! You want to get the details just right , of course, so you’ll be happy to hear that it’s easier than you thought to create an authentic camping experience with the right foods in place. Here are some of the best snack foods to “pack” when preparing for your indoor camping extravaganza. Oh, and if you’re more in the mood of a healthier camping experience, check out these health-friendly camping foods  (for real!).


S’mores are the quintessential camping treat, and no campout (or camp-in) would be complete without a round of these gooey, delectable sandwiches of pure goodness. Here  are a few recipes you can follow for the perfect s’mores. And of course you can always cheat with the frozen version. Nestle, along with other brands, makes a s’mores ice cream cone in a variety of flavors. They’re delicious and the best part is, you just grab them from the freezer for an instant snack.

Bugging Out!

Bugs are a natural part of the outdoor camping experience, and we wouldn’t want your kids to leave out that aspect during their camp-in. Fortunately for you, there’s no need to open the backdoor and let a trail of ants into your home. Gummy worms are a great way to set the tone and get kids into the camping mode in a jiffy. Other insects in candy form will also do the trick, including cricket lollipops and chocolate grasshoppers!

Berry Good!

Berries are indicative of the wild, and this will easily create an outdoorsy atmosphere inside as well. If your kids aren’t berry fans, try the candy versions. Most kids won’t say no to a sweet treat, even in the shape of a raspberry.

Ambiance Setters

Don’t forget to use some snack items to set the tone for the perfect camp-in ambiance. Pretzel sticks are just the right color, shape, and texture to simulate logs or twigs, giving your camp-in that rustic feel. And Cheetos or cheese curls are just the thing to bring that crackling orange glow to the campfire sing-along.

Once you get your imagination going, there’s no end to the fun. So get shopping and go camping!

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