Telling stories around the campfire is as classic as it gets. There are lots of options like these scary campfire tales for the little ones or these silly stories  they might enjoy more. If you want a few more ideas, take a look at these three classic campfire stories that people have been telling over for generations.

Story #1: Chipmunk and Bear

This is a classic tale that teaches that bragging isn’t always such a good idea. It tells the story of a pompous bear who thinks he is the strongest and can do anything he wants. A tiny little chipmunk challenges him to stop the sun in the sky. After a few attempts to show his power, the bear had to admit that he couldn’t do everything, teaching the bear (and your kids, of course) an important lesson about humility.

Story #2: The Hunting of the Great Bear

This is a cute tale of heroism that sprinkles some interesting astronomy lessons into it as well. The Hunting of the Great Bear tells the story of four brave brothers who need to hunt down the ferocious and magical great bear in order to save their Native American village from his terror. They heroically chase the bear through the forest, tracking his trail tirelessly, but you’ll never guess where they find themselves once they’ve caught the bear in the end!

Story #3: Ghost of Bloody Finger

This is a story with a twist, and it’s always fun to catch kids by surprise. Tell the tale of someone silly enough to accept the challenge of sleeping in a haunted house. Describe the scene well. Then tell the kids how the man starts to hear whispers: “I am the ghost of the bloody finger!” As the night goes on, the whispers get louder, until finally the voices are shouting the phrase, and the man is terrified. As he turns around to bolt out the door, he comes face to face with the ghost! He says the sentence once more, pauses, and then says…”Do you have a band-aid?” Your kids will fall over laughing once it all settles in.

Remember, telling over a dramatic story, where you use a lot of sounds, motions, and description to really draw the kids in and make the story come alive, makes the whole experience more exciting for everyone. There are plenty of other tales to tell , so keep your eyes open for more ideas, and give your kids the camping in fun they won’t forget!